Orca Expedition Trips

Orca whale watching with Strømsholmen Seasportcenter. Orca Expedition Trips.

3 days and 6 days orca expedition trips. Every year from the end of October to medio January, the probably largest gathering of killing whales in the world take place in Troms region, far north of Norway, due to enormous amounts of herring.

Sometimes as many as 50-60 orcas and humpback whales can be observed at the same time. We follow the orcas closely to watch them play and feed. When possible, we enter the water and swim with them. To be with these magnificent animals in their own habitat is an experience for life.

USEA - Undersea Soft Encounter Alliance - Academy

Supported by scientists working in the field of marine biology. USEA is a network for every divers, diving centers and operators choosing the way of soft encounters to interact with marine mammals and who first care about the respect of the wellbeing and the wild nature of marine mammals. 

We operate from well equipped liveaboard boats with compressor, tanks and weights.

Places limited! From 8 to 12 guests per trip!

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